Life Below Water


Life Below Water


A physical contemporary dance with live electronic music.

The artistic theme of LIFE BELOW WATER is people adapting to a landscape of flood: as a personal memory, as a potential scenario of the future, as a cultural archetype. The element of water is used as a medium of transformation for movement, sound and performative states. The center of mass of the choreography are changes in behavior, coordination, and communication styles that may happen underwater. Water is present in the process of live creation of sound.

Water is one of the major players in today's environmental discussion as the habitable land shrinks. At the same time, the diverse marine life is rapidly disappearing. LIFE BELOW WATER brings those images to stage. In such, it offers space to reflect on the behavior of the human species and their complex relationships with the planet.



Hygin Delimat and Noemi Wagner (Body Architects)

Sebastian Wasner and Dominik Traun (Austrian Apparel)

On stage:

Hygin Delimat, Noemi Wagner, Sebastian Wasner

Photography: Nikola Majtanova, Lev Riseman