Craft Choreography

Performance Platform in Vienna


Created by the Body Architects

Team: Hygin Delimat, Nikola Majtanova, Marcin Denkiewicz, Schayan Kazemi

with the help of: Manuela Deac, Hannah Zauner, Manon Pichon, Łukasz Czapski


The Craft Choreography performance platform (2019-2021) was a bimonthly mini festival dedicated to presenting short movement-based performances by young international makers regardless of discipline. Next to the majority of contemporary dance and performance works, there were presented works from genres of urban dance, contemporary circus and dance film. The word craft stands for prioritizing skill in movement, interpretation and dramaturgy. The events took place in the Erbsenfabrik Vienna and at its peak (before the pandemic), gathered large audiences (exceeding the possibilities of the room). The side program included movement workshops taught by the artists (in collaboration with Viennese schools and OAED Austria). There were also lively audience-artists conversations in a format of non-hierarchical knowledge exchange. The Craft Choreography platform introduced the art of dance and movement-based performances in the district. The project played a huge role in integrating the local young art scene and bridged the aesthetic gaps by showing a large variety of artistic propositions. During the pandemic, the Craft Choreography continued in an online livestream format. The project functioned as a wonderful meeting and networking hub for the local and international community.


The project target groups: inhabitants of the district, art lovers, dance and performing arts enthusiasts and practitioners, youth, especially the invited school children, artists, curators and cultural producers.


14 editions:

9.6.2021, Erbsenfabrik Vienna
D2 – DelgadoDanza – Future Nostalgia
Filip Löbl and Tura Gómez Coll – Between
VitoZoé Dance – Enter the Insider
Lisa Magnan / Manon Pichon – TRACES (film)
Ekaterina Vershinina / Noemi Wagner / Hygin Delimat – TO HER

6.5.2021, Online from Vienna
Jamiel Laurence – TO THE SEA
Fabrizio Favale – LUTE – Arrival of the gleams and sparks in everything
Simona Fichera – Fr/agile
Paul Alexander Espinoza Paladines – IKEBANA

18.2.2021, Online from Belgrade
Emma Cianchi – Hic Et Nunc
Monsieur David – Feet Theatre
Joana Carvalho / Dazza Schouten – Helianthus
New Breed Dance – You’re fired
Sada Mamedova – Concept of imperfection
Laia Santanach – Tradere
Alessia Ruffolo – Why So Serious?
Marine de Vachon – Juliet

12.11.2020, Online from Vienna
Lisa Magnan – CONFI(N)DANCE (France)
Kyra Jean Green – The Man Who Traveled Nowhere in Time (Canada)
Josh Martin – Brimming (Canada)
Alina Jacobs – I tempo I of I time I (Netherlands)
Liza Zhukova and Maria Zhukova – INNER (Netherlands)

17.9.2020, Erbsenfabrik Vienna
Pablo & Guy – ATLAS (live, Vienna)
Etienne Sarti – Olm (live, Germany)
Ivan Strelkin – Beast in love (live, Linz)
Cristina Hall – Tripolar (film, Spain)
Dimar Dance Theatre – LOOK FORWARD (film, Indonesia)

23.8.2020, Online from Vienna
Sada Mamedova
Olivia Court Mesa
Elias and Wendy Choi-Buttinger
Chaim Gebber
East by North Dance Theatre

26.7.2020, Online from Vienna
Duo Nux
Yotam Peled
Nika Jankovic / Arian Sajina - Dance, Arian!
Jasmine Ellis / Lajamartin

28.6.2020, Online from Vienna
Purnendra Meshram
IVONA / Pablo Girolami
Roni Rotem

12.3.2020, Erbsenfabrik Vienna
Sophie Borney
Shirly Barbie
Cindy Hammer
Roland Dando

6.2.2020, Erbsenfabrik Vienna
Maria Yannaros
Dorin Cohen Nissan
Haddas Eshel
Jacqueline Lopez
Marco Payer

16.1.2020, Erbsenfabrik Vienna
Caroline Beach
Joni Österlund
Roni Rotem
Mirjam Sadjak / Mira Gregorič
Antonio Buonaiuto

11.12.2019, Erbsenfabrik Vienna
Erica Bravini
Chantal Cherry
Aleksandra Sawko

27.11.2019, Erbsenfabrik Vienna
Sebastian Abarbanell
Yuli Spiegelman / Bar Shem Tov
Mor J Mizrahi
Stefano Neri
Verena Schneider

9.10.2019, Erbsenfabrik Vienna
Maja Franke / Ralph Öllinger
Sara Mitola / Giuseppe Sorressa
Ivan Strelkin
Rita Gobi
Luca Major / Chiara Moratello